Skilled Nursing Care

Physical and Occupational Therapy


Regular Health Assessments

Self – injection Instruction

Wound Care, Monitoring and Instruction

IV infusions

Blood Tests

Diabetes Management and Instruction

Assistance with the Transition from the
Medical Facility to Home and vice versa

Medical Social Care

Behavioral Health Nursing

Nutrition Counselling

Service packages have a 90 days cooling period before first request * Each call out is equal to a service hour and every family member treated is a service hour. * 100% of all Service hour packages are for a virtual Consultation * All medical concierge packages have a once off administrative fee of $43 which comes with a free Comprehensive Family Health & Social Service Assessment at the comfort of your home * To maintain your membership after defaulting on your monthly payment, a $3 monthly fee is levied. This still gives the member access to call on the service when the need arises. Any request from this level is at an out of bundle rate for the required service. * Blood Tests and any other investigative procedures are out of pocket expenses .

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